December 2014

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What is the Virtual Vegan Potluck? It’s an online party that brings together bloggers, cookbook authors, home chefs, and recipe developers to share their best plant-based appetizers, beverages, breads, sides, salads, main courses, soups/stews, and desserts with a hungry worldwide community. For more information, visit the About page.

VOTE for your favorites here!


Vegan Miam
Robin Robertson’s Global Vegan Kitchen
the Seasonal Veg Head*
Juicy Dishes By Mind Your Foods
Brays of Our Lives
Veggie Inspired Journey*
Vedged Out

Glue and Glitter*
Vegan Heritage Press*
Bunny Kitchen*
Vegan Sparkles*
Fitful Focus
Elephantastic Vegan*
Live Life Fully!*
Foods For Long Life
Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen*
Tia’s Kitchen
Bake & Destroy
The Compassion.i.t.*

Oh My Potluck!*
Parsley In My Teeth*
Vanishing Veggie*
Vegan Runner Eats*
Chelsey Marie Coaching
The Glowing Fridge*
Kathryn Lovett’s Blog

Canned Time*
Healthy Slow Cooking*
Yup, It’s Vegan*
Vegan Richa
Peaceful Dumpling

Chic Vegan
Happy To Be A Table of Two*
Eat, Live, Burp*
Plibby’s Blog*
Helyn’s Healthy Kitchen*

An Unrefined Vegan
Fitting Into Vegan*
Vegan for the Holidays
Happy Healthy Over 40
A Journey with Tiffany*
Vegetable Way*
Coconut and Berries*

Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen
Valerie’s Recipes
Art, Health & Happiness*
Sprouts and Chocolate*
Girl Eats Greens*
Being Vegan*
Simplify Your Health*
Ramsons & Bramble*
Fried Dandelions
Divine Spice Box
Astig Vegan
Create Mindfully
Zsu’s Vegan Pantry*

VGNGF=vegan, gluten-free, delicious
Go Bake Yourself
Fran Costigan*
My Darling Vegan*
Loose Leaf Vegan*
The Conscientious Eater
The Lazy Vegan Baker*
Vie de la Vegan*
Rubber Cowgirl*
Whisk Miche Away*
The Gluten-free Treadmill*
She Makes Magic
A. Cook in the Making*
Eating Well Diary*
Life Gone Vegan
The Pretty Bee*
Nori’s Ingenious Cooking*
Bright Bird
Veggies Don’t Bite

*Participant will be using the Featured Ingredient (citrus fruits). 

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