forAnima $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

forAnimaWant to get in on the “ground floor” of a new dynamic, vegan online marketplace?  Here’s your opportunity to snag a big $50 gift certificate to spend on animal-friendly goodies and the virtual doors are set to open this month.  Please read more about our sponsor, forAnima, below – and enter the giveaway below! is a community marketplace with thousands of animal-friendly products (95% vegan).  In additon to shopping for great products – fashion, body products, gourmet foods and more, users will get to let brands know what they want made in a vegan way by posting it on the site.  We also have groups to help animal lovers communicate about starting vegan businesses and nonprofits.  Much like Ebay, animal-friendly brands can create their own store on forAnima, and buyers can purchase from different shops all in one place.


 forAnima $50 gift certificate giveaway via Rafflecopter

62 thoughts on “forAnima $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

  1. I’m excited to learn more about forAnima! A $50 gift card is very generous! I’m excited for whoever wins!
    All your contest are going to force me to sign up for Twitter. I’ve been a hold out, just recently giving in to Pinterest. I’m slow to follow the crowd sometimes. 🙂

    • Hey Holly! Glad you entered – it’ll be a nice prize for someone – especially since Christmas is coming! I’m not very active on Twitter or Pinterest, but it seems like a good way to communicate so I try to keep up!

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      • Oh no! What you want to do is go to the NEWS page. The Subscribe space should be on the right side, near the top. If you go to a blog post, the Subscribe disappears for some unknown reason, so you have to be on the NEWS page itself…Let me know if you still can’t find it! Appreciate it, April!

    • Hehe! That WOULD be nice! Rachel – we are also going to be giving away a Compassion Couture gift certificate so stay tuned for that! (Thanks for turning me on to them!)

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  5. I love this chance to win!!! I have recently just started trying to stay away from animal products… I have always been an animal lover but grew up eating meats and meat products so its been hard to try and make the transition. I love me edible plants and the NOT edible plants. I haven’t had any animal products in 3 days. YAY ME! lol

    • That’s AWESOME, Christi!! Definitely a BIG YAY YOU! So many wonderful, supportive and creative vegans out here so don’t hesitate to ask for help, guidance, support.

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