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The VVP participant list is looking smashing!  As of this post, we have 125 blogs signed up – with a very robust showing in Mains and Desserts.  To see who is participating, please visit the November 2013 Potluck page (keep in mind that this is not the final list).  Sign-up continues until midnight ET November 9 so please continue to spread the word!

Okay, let’s talk permalinks.  What the heck is a permalink and where do I find it and why-o-why do you want it before the Potluck even happens?!

  • Permalinks are the URLs assigned to blog post drafts as soon as you enter a title and hit the Save button.  The post does not need to be published in order for you to have a permalink.
  • No matter which blogging platform you use, you can easily find the permalink to any blog post in the Edit form of the post.  For detailed instructions on how to find permalinks on WordPress and Blogger, please visit the How It Works page.
  • Sending me your permalinks is not optional for this Potluck.  It is mandatory that I receive the permalink to your blog post prior to the Potluck – by midnight U.S. ET of November 9, to be exact – otherwise your blog will not be included in the Potluck on November 16.  Pssst!  You do not need to wait until November 9 – send me your permalinks as soon as you have them!  Thank you to those who have already sent them to me.
    I’m not going to be all selfish about this valuable information.  See, I’m going to share these permalinks with you so that you can set up the links – well ahead of the Potluck- that connect your blog to your neighboring blogs . This *should* assure a seamless reading experience for those working their way through the posts on and after November 16.

You’ll be hearing from your Mentor soon to remind you to email me (annieATvirtualveganpotluckDOTcom) your permalinks or short links (if you’re on WP).  In the meantime, if you have any questions or problems, please email the Mentor assigned to your course (you received their email addresses in my note to you when you signed up):

APPETIZERS: Rachael of Rubber Cowgirl
BEVERAGES: Keely of Gormandize With Us
BREADS: Kamila of Sensual Appeal
SOUPS: Angela of Canned Time; or me
SALADS: Angela of Canned Time; or me
SIDES: Liezl of Spinach Revolution
MAINS: Barb of That Was Vegan?
DESSERTS: Angela of Canned Time

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