21 thoughts on “Return of the Potluck: The VVP is November 16. Sign Up Is Open!

  1. Love all the new stuff going on this time and I so appreciate being able to help out with the fun……..Beets rule Girl! Shortlinks rule too and we’ll be there for you with all our info Way in advance right?
    We need Somer to enter one of her awesome recipes though, don’t you think? Just wouldn’t be a Pot Luck without her!!!
    I’m rambling now, time to get signed up for myself now………Thanks Annie ♥

  2. Looking forward to this autumn potluck! I love that BEETS is a new category! It is, by far, my favourite veggie. My mind is turning….have so many beet ideas. Can’t wait!

    • Hi Angela! So glad you’re participating again and that you love beets – cuz I don’t ;-)! Which is partly why I chose them for the featured ingredient. I know I can count on my blogging friends to makes deliciousness out of beets!

  3. OK, I’m in. As soon as I heard “beets” an idea appeared in my head. Now I just have to see if I can make it work… otherwise, it’s going to be beet juice for everyone 🙂

  4. Can’t wait!! I’ve signed up for mains again but sorry no Beets in this corner! Looking forward to seeing if any of the featured ingredients can change my mind about them 😀

    • Nice! I’m really looking forward to some beet creativity. I love beets in juices, but have difficulty consuming them in other forms. Thanks for signing on, Lauren!

  5. Whee! Beets are the best veggies eva! 😀

    I thought the VVP will be on Nov 1st, I’m so happy I have 15 extra days to prepare now. haha

    And I’m so so so glad you guys have decided to get the permalinks a week in advance. It’ll really help all of us to have that link before hand so the post gets published with the proper links.

    Thank you all so much for organising yet another VVP! 🙂

    • I’m really happy that so many of you love beets (I don’t…) – and cannot wait to see what you create!! Maybe you’ll change my mind about them :-). Yes, let’s hope the permalinks will make everything run more smoothly this time!

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  7. You’re a superstar, Annie! Thank you so much for organising the party once again. I just realised my last 2 VVP submissions featured beets! haha, may as well keep the theme going. 🙂
    All signed up and ready to rock. x

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