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      • It is, but now I’m going – oh I maybe coulda done a groovy beverage, or a funky dessert. But that’s okay – we will be swamped with recipes and I can’t wait to see what inspiration we have here this year.

  1. I’m excited to join this year!! I am not a vegan but I definitely have plenty of vegan friendly recipes in my arsenal! I will be showing up to the party with some killer ice cream!

  2. Uh-oh…I hadn’t decided exactly what I was making, but wanted to register. So…I jumped off the cliff and picked dessert! lol I have some vague ideas, but I’d better get cooking. And why desserts? Because taste testing is SO much FUN! ;D

  3. I’m bringing a main this year, one that I am super excited to share. I’m still ironing out the details; it’s gone through a few revisions already but I really think it will be a hit! Can’t wait!!

  4. I did it! Terrified as I am, narf77 will be contributing this year :). I am SO star-struck! I feel like a kid with an autograph book at a rock concert :). Now I need to find out how to “do” this! (Lucky Steve can navigate his way around a keyboard πŸ˜‰ )

    • WOOT! This is great news! I’m proud of you! And no need to be terrified at all. You’ll do great! Get Steve on the website here to read through the “how to.” Easy. And rumor has it we MAY have a video up that will walk you through the steps.

    • Haha! Well, no doubt someone will “bring” vegan cheez and you’d have the cracker, so – – but I’m sure you will come up w/ something delish!

  5. YAY so excited!!! Had so much fun with this last fall! Cannot wait to see what everyone brings this time around πŸ™‚

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  11. Hooray! We’re in and what an illustrious group of bloggers we have joined. Looking forward to sharing some proper Beach House love and plant based wonders with the Vegan Pot Luck gang. Peace and Munchies, lee

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  13. I was just wondering–how do you figure out who is supposed to be linked before and after you? Is there a current list somewhere?

    • I won’t have the final, complete list until the sign-up closes on May 6. When it’s done, I’ll share the list both here on this site (under May 2013 Potluck) and on my other blog, An Unrefined Vegan. Please subscribe to the blog so that you’re notified when it’s published :-)! Thanks!

  14. Really enjoyed the last one (and tried a lot of other people’s recipes nomnomnom) but was lost for a recipe this time… BUT THEN! When all hope seemed lost I made THE most delicious cake I’ve ever made today, adapted from some old family recipes with a little of my own flair!

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  17. Annie! I have no idea what I signed up for! If it’s a beverage, can I change it? I’d like to try a dessert this time.
    Thank you!
    TKS πŸ™‚

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  19. I am signed up and excited to share. And I have two questions. Does the recipe have to be original? I am just started my Vegan Journey and I wanted to check on that. I have a really great book that is enlightening me on how many amazing foods can be made vegan. Also, Can I add more than one recipe? Say a soup and sandwich combination ore something like that? Whoops that was three questions. Okay so here is a fourth, how do I know for sure that I am signed up? I don’t want to miss it.

    • Hi Brandon! First off: welcome! I’m so glad you found us and that you decided to join the Potluck. I also just saw your blog post that you are embarking on a vegan adventure soon. To that I say, YAY! I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

      On to the answers: You are signed up – I have you listed in Soups :-). No, your recipe doesn’t have to be original, but it’s appropriate to give credit to the cookbook/author and a link if you can find one (I usually send folks to the book listing on Amazon). And YES, a combo is most welcome. What is more natural than soup and a sandwich ;-)?! Looking forward to seeing what you bring.

      I’m hoping to post the interim participant list later today on this site so keep your eye out for that. You’ll be getting an email from me next week with the blog names in your category, along with reminders on where to go to get all the instructions you need to link up, time your post, etc.

      • Okay, it all sounds great. I will definitely credit “The Veganopolis Cookbook” by David Stowell and George Black when I post the recipes. I have made a few different soups so far, not sure which one yet, I’ll know when I know. I will definitely post a combo, I wouldn’t want my soup to be too lonely with a sandwich buddy.

        And thanks for the encouragement. I have been reasoning over this decision for the past few months and I finally got the kick in the pants very recently. And then when I was looking up Vegan lifestyles and recipes I found the VVP. That was a sign from the world meaning, it’s vegan time.

        Can’t Wait!

  20. Hello! I just signed up. This will be my first virtual potluck – I’m so excited! I will be contributing a vegan soup – although I don’t know which one just yet. Looking forward to this!

    • Hi Inge, and welcome! I got your entry form and I’m so glad you found us and will be contributing a soup. It’s the biggest Potluck yet which means it will be the most fun!

  21. I was just wondering if I’m supposed to get some kind of confirmation after signing up. Signed up–I think–a few days ago and wanted to make sure before May 6 rolls around.
    I’m so excited to participate. Though I’m still an omni, I LOVE cooking new vegan foods–and convincing my husband to eat & love them. πŸ™‚ Hopefully the potluck will give me even more to work with.

    • Hi Catherine! I did get your entry form – I’m sorry that I’m not able to respond to everyone individually when they sign up. I’ve posted an interim list on this site under the News header so you can take a look at the other blogs that have signed up. I believe you are on that list as well. I’ve gotten a few more blogs since creating that list – so it is NOT final.

      On May 7 I will post the final VVP participant list and that can be found on the May 2013 Potluck page – – and I will be emailing bloggers in groups with the list of other bloggers in their category. Hope that all makes sense!

      So glad to have you participating – thank you!! I think you’ll have PLENTY of amazing plant-based recipes to try after this shindig is over!

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  30. Ok! I’m signed up… I’m thinking (right now) about a colorful root veggie hash, with some kind of fun surprise topping for it. So excited… beets are, maybe, my favorite food… MAYBE.

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  33. Hello there,
    New to a Vegan diet, new to blogging and just found this blog and just signed up for the potluck! Phew! So excited and looking forward to it… but what to bring!

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  38. Hi Annie !
    I just signed up and i am excited to bring some traditional Indian snack dish on the Virtual vegan potluck table. I have signed it up against main dish as it is pretty filling ! Hope that’s fine
    Looking forward to get the sign up confirmation from you πŸ™‚ Thanks !!

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