NuNaturals + Jazzy Vegetarian + Todd’s Seeds + E-Book Giveaway

Giveaway on An Unrefined Vegan

Long time no post! 

But I thought I’d better share this awesome giveaway with you: Laura Theodore (the Jazzy Vegetarian) and I are hosting a giveaway for FOUR U.S. readers to each win a big ol’ prize package that we’ve put together with some help from NuNaturals and Todd’s Seeds – companies whose products I use in my own kitchen, but also in the recipes in my cookbook, Crave Eat Heal

Blogs participating in my Crave Eat Heal Blog Tour from today through May 11 are also participating in this giveaway so look for those posts!

Four U.S. winners will each receive the following prize package

(1) A signed copy of ONE of the following from Jazzy Vegetarian: 

(2) One 1/2 pound bag of Todd’s Seeds Sprouting Seeds Mix

(3) All of the following NuNaturals products:

(4) A copy of my e-book, Crave. Eat. Heal. Outtakes.


Microgreens Step by Step E-Book Giveaway!

Growing Microgreens Cover

Today on An Unrefined Vegan, I’m hosting Susan Alima Friar (Gaia’s Creations) who recently released her e-book, Growing Microgreens Step by Step.  She’s giving four people free downloads of her book – and – one lucky person will receive a paperback copy plus seeds from Todd’s Seeds.  With a pairing like this, there won’t be a seed you can’t grow!

Head over to An Unrefined Vegan for Susan’s post, including details on how to enter to win Growing Microgreens Step by Step.

Giveaway: Todd’s Seeds

Bags of Todd's SeedsWe are very pleased to have added Todd’s Seeds (yeah, go ahead and say that 10 times fast) to our list of VVP Sponsors.  Todd has been so generous with me – sending me bags of seeds to sample (and I mean big bags) and pretty much saying “yes” to everything I’ve asked.  Including saying a very enthusiastic yes to giving me a bag of broccoli sprouting seeds to give away to one lucky, sprout-happy winner.  If you’ve never tried sprouting your own before or if you’re an old hand – this is the giveaway for you.  UPDATE: Here’s what I’m talking about – Todd emailed me and asked me to offer to everyone a 20% discount on items purchased from the Sprouting Seeds and Sprouting Supplies categories at Todd’s Seeds.  Just plug in offer vegan at checkout. One discount per person, good through the end of the year.  Thanks, Todd!

Before you enter the giveaway, take a look at the beautiful sprouts I grew from the seeds Todd sent me – –

Broccoli Sprouts:

Broccoli Sprouts in Hand

Mung Bean Sprouts:

Mung Bean Sprouts

I’m also a big fan of Todd’s wheatgrass (seeds):


Enough about me – enter the giveaway!