The Last Nag, Err…The Last Reminders for the November 16 Potluck

Virtual Vegan Potluck Stack of NapkinsBy now you should have received from either me or your mentor a list of the blogs in your course.  If you haven’t – please contact me ASAP!

I’d love this event to be the smoothest Potluck yet.  Here’s how you can help make that happen:
Double-check that you’ve got your post scheduled correctly.  There are bloggers from Australia, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Canada, the U.S. – you name it – and the goal is for our posts to go live at the same time.  For a list of when to publish by country, please visit the How It Works page under Scheduling Your Post.  Keep in mind that WordPress operates on a 24-hour clock.

Did you update your GoBack and GoFoward buttons to reflect the permalinks of the blogs before and after yours?  Grab those buttons off of the Resource page if you haven’t already.  Or, simply link to your neighboring blogs via text if that’s easier for you.

Leave the animals out of it.  That means your recipes can’t have fish, chicken, beef, lamb, goat, buffalo, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt or any other products made from the flesh of animals or “by-products” of animals.

Don’t trust me.  That’s right – don’t assume I copied all of your information correctly.  I have the eyesight of a 90-year old, I’m easily distracted, and frequently put my fingers on the wrong letters on the keyboard.  Please take a look at the final participant list, find your blog’s name and make sure that it’s spelled correctly; that I have you in the right geographical location; and that you are or are not using the Featured Ingredient.  Let me know ASAP of any problems.

Let’s have fun.  Despite my nagging and our best intentions, there will be broken links, posts that go live too early or too late, bloggers who don’t post anything, and annoying Captchas that you can’t decipher when all you want to do is leave a nice comment.  The goal isn’t perfection.  It’s community, good eats and culinary inspiration.

See you on the 16th!


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