Vote For Your Favorite December 13 VVP Dishes!

18 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite December 13 VVP Dishes!

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  2. My vote goes to VEGG CHEF this year. It’s really hard to vote for one when there are so many amazing-looking recipes. Also, a tough task when we certainly can’t make all of these dishes and actually TASTE them all! 🙂 I’m voting for VEGG CHEF because of the beauty of her photography, the simplicity of the recipe and of course, because it looks yummy and I would definitely make and eat this soup. I also like her story. May the tastiest blog win!

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  4. I found the Festive Cranberry Nutroast on Simplify Your Health’s facebook page first, and while there are plenty of great recipes in the mains section here, a good nutroast is pretty hard to beat for Christmas 🙂 Love and blessings to all for the holiday season, and happiness and health for the new year!

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